Fully customize existing shipping methods for your customers based on size, date, time, ordered products, etc.


The Shipping Restrictions plugin for nopCommerce allows customization of shipping methods based on predefined conditions. This plugin enables users to create an unlimited amount of rules for any number of shipping methods, and offers the ability to modify shipping fees by replacing, discounting, or surcharging them. With cumulative discounts, multiple rules can apply to a single order.

Plugin does not create new shipping methods, it changes existing ones according to your conditions. If you would like to create new shipping methods, you need another our plugin Table Rate Shipping.


  • Customize price, or prohibit usage of a shipping method for any order based on predefined conditions

  • Create unlimited amount of rules for any amount of shipping methods

  • Change shipping fee (replace, discount, surchange)

  • Cumulative discounts, if several rules are valid

  • Several shipping methods in one rule

  • Optimized for performance

Supported conditions

  • Store, the order was placed in

  • Customer role

  • Date and time, when the order was placed

  • Customer address

  • Checkout attributes

  • Products in the cart, product attributes, product specification

  • Categories, manufacturers, vendors

  • Order total amount

  • Size of the shipment

  • Whether a coupon code was used in the order

  • Whether a discount has been applied to an order

  • And many more with advanced requirements builder

In case you encounter an issue, you can contact us via support@foxnetsoft.com

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